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tv   Headline News  RT  August 18, 2013 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy cars a report on our. age of violence spirals the deadliest week since the revolution sees more than eight hundred people die in clashes between pro morsi protesters and security forces. while the us government leaves global condemnation of egypt's crackdown it stopped short of suspending military aid worth over a billion dollars a year. and also in this week's headlines a saudi prince who has defected from the world family slams a monarchy for widespread human rights abuses and violently suppressing the opposition in his exclusive interview with r.t. . one spying trash cans these wife i waste units are causing a heap of trouble by scanning the smartphones of passers by without their
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permission. and nearly twenty thousand people flee their delusion homes in russia's far east after heavy rains bring the worst devastation in more than a century. this is already coming to a line from the russian capital i'm marina joshie welcome to the program how it gets seeing its deadliest violence since the twenty one revolution and with more than eight hundred people killed across the country over the past week supporters of the ousted president mohamed morsi and the authorities blame each other for provoking the carnage the situation escalated after security forces broke up anti-government sit ins and is in this rioters retail hated by setting fire to official buildings and attacking christian churches are been witnessing the mayhem
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in cairo it firsthand. well the tensions are palpable here in the capital cairo as today marks the start of what the morsy supporters have called departure the coup week which is that we could long series of protests and rallies in the capital and across the country particularly yesterday we had this twenty four hour standoff between morsy supporters and security forces which resulted in a very bloody gun battle yesterday afternoon as hundreds of protesters had basically been trapped in a central cairo mosque. with the injured which had been turned into a field hospital on friday afternoon so this finished saturday afternoon but with security forces essentially storming this building and the protesters there most of them being arrested now since wednesday when the security forces violently cleared that two encampments in cairo they have used a lot of force against any more protests already including on friday we saw live
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ammunition being fired at protesters who attempted to set up another sit in on wednesday morning i got a panicked phone call from a protester rushed to the to the about the way it's in which is now no longer an encampment at that point i saw the security forces opening fire with live ammunition an automatic weapon and anyone who was approaching the encampment meanwhile after four hours of gunfire i managed to get inside where i saw protesters women and children funding the corner behind sandbanks there were the injured you've been shot in the head the chest the stomach being taken to field hospitals and then the next day of course they had their makeshift morgues in a mosque two hundred bodies just laid out with extremely bloody someone people missing their heads some people too beyond recognition the security forces say that their officers have been killed meanwhile we've had some major deaths from the mizzen brotherhood's leadership the supreme guide to the eyes which could lead to lost his son my colleague paula has also been on the ground here in cairo she
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brings you this report the tears are the same as is the heartache. tragedy to families for is a changed by the violence engulfing egypt. to some said he died from two bullets one was in his heart the police killed him they were standing on top of the roofs they burned some of the bodies and they burned some people alive while the muslim brotherhood believes that the christians in egypt have a hand in what is going on this taught it to beat me with stones one of them hit me with an axe in my head they put the church in fire and threw molotov cocktails at it sophia sun up till belong to the muslim brotherhood he was just twenty three when he was killed by police on wednesday iman is a christian he was protecting them on a street when he says muslim brotherhood leaders stormed it bashing him on the head with heavy sticks they were on opposite sides of the political divide but both families will forever carry the scars of this week's deadly violence. the violence
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started on wednesday when police moved in to break up protest camps set up by supporters of ousted president mohamed morsy hundreds were killed. dozens more died two days later when security forces laid siege to a mosque where protesters had taken refuge by sunday morning they'd cleared it out but the confusion remains the government has announced plans to outlaw the brotherhood it's arrested and detained hundreds of its leaders and supporters among them romney's brother has some whom he hasn't heard from for days now getting worried i called them yesterday was the last call between. getting me and him and he was in the house the national security hospital and he told me that he's alone and he's worried that the policies with which they can. plan to do to do this plan to kill this these people. but the same charge is leveled at the brotherhood critics say that they as much as the police planned to kill this is one of the
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churches that was destroyed. this week more than fifty churches were burned and looted around the country what was valuable was taken what remains fear and uncertainty for egypt's future bashir might have shows me around what remains of his church he's placing his faith firmly in the police or just an invisible i feel that the rest in pursuing brotherhood leaders and starting an investigation and prosecution is a good sign in the street the muslim brotherhood is starting to have major losses announcing the state of emergency a lot of the police do have a chance. but a chance at wash many are asking as each hour brings with it more violence and uncertainty to a country seemingly on the path to civil war policy r.t. city egypt. and we've been getting opinions and insight from those involved in the political standoff ahmed hawai'i from egypt's constitution party believes that even
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though the muslim brotherhood has borne the brunt of the casualties the movement is solely to blame. we had protesters that were in a sit in and that was accused of criminal acts and accuse of harboring a fugitive and whoring militants and using kids and children as human shields and there is no political justification that can be put to put there is a political demand that you put children as human shields and you use militants and you put children beside militants as human shields this incident to continually. spread out marches through the neighborhoods and to the surrounding neighborhoods where a lot of militants were shooting at page at any crowd or any civilians in the streets that were and to see it and see the muslim brotherhood i've been shot for about i've been caught in the crossfire between the muslim brotherhood they were shooting at civilians in this square for three hours during the past month now the chaos in golf in egypt is forcing its western allies to rethink their relations with
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a country the e.u. which is a major source of aid to egypt has said the killings over the last few days cannot be justified and it's the government's responsibility to and the violence this comes after a similar strongly worded statements from the u.s. which has canceled joint military exercises with egyptian but aside from those drills america's aid to the egyptian military looks set to continue as planned it's worth one point three billion dollars a year and includes fighter jets of hatchie helicopters and surface to air missiles as well as high tech surveillance hardware while can damming the ongoing violence in the country the y. house has refused to call the ousting of president morsi who something that would require it to freeze military support a spokeswoman from the british egyptians for democracy group says washington's position runs counter to its pro-democracy rhetoric. well it's actually quite shameful to see countries and leaders of western governments who hail themselves
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beacons of democracy supporting the slaughter of democracy and its supporters in into it what obama came out and said simply not enough this is what the obama's one point five million of subsidies to the army buys the slaughter of innocent men women and children the army may have pulled the trigger yes it was the west that loaded the gun and the west must take an active stance against this it's not too late to side with democracy in egypt they must come out they must reject what is happening in egypt these cosmetic diplomatic maneuvers of free calling ambassadors and the tepid statements again they are not enough we are talking about people dying and revolution this is a revolution and they must side the west the world must come together and side with those who have been oppressed in egypt well keep across the latest developments in egypt any time at r.t. dot com there we have firsthand accounts of the dramatic events as well as video
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and images right from the heart of the arrest while we're also asking for your view on what the violent crackdown on protesters and state of emergency in egypt signal let's now take a look at the website of voting and what it looks like at this point well as you can see the majority fear it's a precursor to egypt sliding further into conflict almost equal numbers believe it's an essential measure and it's signs of return to the mubarak era the smallest number so far think the crackdown rooted in the army's inability to deal with protesters so let us know what you think of this issue by logging on to your car and casting your vote there. people in saudi arabia who oppose the regime are barely getting
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a chance to make their voices heard some are jailed simply for posting a message on twitter while the total number of political prisoners in the gulf kingdom is believed to be more than thirty thousand an intensifying crackdown on dissent and has even caused the royal family member to defect archies arabic channel spoke exclusively to the saudi prince who accuses the model t. of silencing all voices of discord. government is obviously scared of the arab revolutions and they responded as they usually do by resorting to oppression violence arbitrary law and arrest the easiest thing they can do is deprive you of your salary or fire you altogether so the ruling regime is not guarded by justice and this is especially true of the ministry of interior there is no independent judiciary that has both police and the prosecutor's office are countable to the interior ministry the ministries officials investigate crimes they call them crimes
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related to freedom of speech so they fabricate evidence don't allow people to have attorneys things like that happen all over the place they even put people under arrest for an indefinite amount of time even if a court rules to release such a criminal the ministry of interior keeps him in prison even though there is a court order to release him there have even been killings killings and as for the external opposition saudi intelligence forces by means people abroad there is no safety inside or outside the country could you describe these people who oppose the royal family and what are their goals opposition used to demand wider peoples representation in governing bodies more rights and freedoms but the authorities reacted with violence and persecution instead of a dialogue and now the opposition wants this regime gone but we both know that despite numerous human rights violations in saudi arabia your country seldom faces
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criticism from the west and from the united states in particular when senior u.s. officials meet with their saudi counterparts basically can be any critical comments from washington. what the white house certainly does maintain a longstanding alliance with the leaders of saudi arabia cemented by common interests in the middle east to that end there are classified contacts between areas. the u.s. administration in recent time they've been employed to step up the government administered reforms but those reforms are not driven by the elites desire to empower the people of the kingdom instead they are merely urged by reforms that the regime might fall unless it reforms itself and oppression is widespread in saudi arabia there is no free speech no freedom of expression corruption is rampant in all areas from the level bureaucrats to high ranking officials every civil servant is very skillful in using bribes in their operations. world affairs zero as pepe escobar from the asia times explained to us what's behind the saudi authorities way
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of dealing with those demanding reform basically it's carrot and stick carrots in the form of a sixty billion dollar handout program by king abdulla at the beginning of the arab spring in two thousand and one the style there were horrified by the beginning of the arab spring the neighboring bahrain soul they bribed their own subjects number one number two this stick is against the shiite minority of roughly ten percent of saudi arabia who lives in the eastern province that's where most of the oil is by the way so we normally prophesy this to the americans and they tell the world that they are intervening in syria for a more democratic syria post and inside saudi arabia it's this soon as she identified and they go against ten percent of their own population well britain's once again at the center of a new surveillance can on this time though over street signs of rubbish receptacles high tech trash cans have been installed in london capable of and identifying
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passers by through their cellphones stand simply to target advertisements are just bully boy who takes a look at the devious bits. just a ben think again these nifty looking lesser bins are connected so why sigh and that means that they can track the movements of each and every person walking down this street as long as they've got a smartphone that's connected to why fine now the digital stalking is all in the name of advertising simply by knowing who you are and where you're going they can alter the images on the screen here to tailor the advertisement to whoever is walking down the street in the city of london corporation have said that they also use the sun why despite technology that they've asked the company responsible for the bins to switch them off the local authority here say that schemes like this require the backing of an informed public but just how aware are all the british public of the erosion of best so-called digital privacy in the wake of the n.s.a.
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scandal it's been revealed that it's not just commercial companies but entire governments that are spying on their citizens and just last week we found out that i just have a problem on the bird a phone i've been secretly causing on details of their customers conversations every time intelligence agency g c h q coming in to work. on those issues without my knowledge it would be a cause of concern is a breach of law is a breach of confidentiality i just wouldn't have nothing to hide so i don't really care but still i don't think that. that's fair from them not telling us that to me because information to governments who are true in your twenty's citizens private information should stay private i've got nothing to hide so it doesn't matter. all that stuff is very much to the other side is there anything in the final things they shouldn't do. to be honest with you must surveillance is now a reality of our everyday lives c.c.h. cuchulainn say so hoover and according to experts they screw up as much information
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as possible online and through telephone traffic in order to school through it so if there is that there'd be paying him money. information in many of it's news that even the bad pretty boy sees that. well so i have for you this hour here r t a berlin wants washington to put the money a word its mouth says and the u.s. is sitting on piles of german gold but it's been more than a little obstructive in letting the owner have access to it but when. you.
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do we speak your language i mean some of the will not advance. news programs and documentaries and spanish what matters to you breaking news a little turn into the angle of this story. here. altie spanish to find out more visit i. welcome back here with r.t. coming to live from moscow catastrophic flooding in russia's far east has put more
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than one hundred thousand people at the risk of losing their homes in the worst such a disaster in more than a century nearly twenty thousand people have. overdye been evacuated to safety but that number is expected to rise with heavy rains likely to last until september the floods hit more than one hundred twenty villages with locals being moved to shelters for food and medical care much of the surrounding countryside is some merged with the damage currently estimated at around sixty million dollars artie's both caught reports from the scene of a delusion with the water levels in some parts of the region having risen seventy two centimeters on saturday alone the evacuations are continuing the worst case estimates suggest that one hundred thousand people may be forced to leave their home however it is hoped that that final number will be substantially lower now the worst hit areas of the remote rural villages such as this one damage to infrastructure such as communication and transport networks mean that places like
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this are particularly isolated but help is that hard on saturday provided fifty tons of humanitarian aid including food butts and life jackets and eleven thousand military personnel are also aiding local services now the biggest industry in this region is the farming industry people grow things like tomatoes and potatoes and sell them locally they also produce oil which is sold and made by china but with four hundred thousand hectares currently on the water it's clear to see that it's not just people's homes that are being damaged but also potentially their livelihoods. our team is still in a one of the worst hit areas and we'll continue to bring you the very latest as it develops. now let's take a quick look at some of today's world news heavy seas in the philippines are still holding back rescuers from returning to the sunken ferry where one hundred seventy people are still missing adverts were suspended late on saturday after around six
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hundred people of the eight hundred or so on board were rescued thirty why are known to have died when their vessel collided with a cargo ship on friday thousands of syrian kurds are fleeing to iraq according to the un refugee agency kurdish areas in war torn syria are caught in going raids by militants with reports suggesting sow's have lost their lives jihad as are thought to be trying to establish an islamic state and the north which is known for vast natural resources. members and supporters of germany's far right national democratic party have rallied outside a mosque in leipzig chanting maria notch protesters urge the government to stop what they call the foreign infiltration of german society a counter demonstration so more than one hundred fifty leftist activists stage and anti nazi protest. germany set to spend nearly
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a decade collecting hundreds of tons of its gold which is kept in the u.s. the bullion withdrawal comes at a time of growing pressure from seized up eurozone economies and an additional push from those who believe america has already scattered berlin's wealth artie is going to check out has the details. behind these walls is one of the most secretive organizations in the world u.s. federal reserve websites to audit them it's a wall this place is impenetrable for we years the u.s. federal reserve has been the place where many countries of the word a big chunk of their nations well as the countries whether it's different waves of economic crises around the instability the federal reserve seems to them like a more or less secure place to keep their funds but are the funds really secure or are they even there there has been speculation for a long time that the fed doesn't actually have much gold that he has either sold it
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all lent it out or used it as collateral for borrowings either way there are many claims that the gold that is being stored on behalf of many nations doesn't actually exist germany has recently decided to bring home all these gold but the federal reserve said that it's not possible that it would need until two thousand and twenty to be able to accomplish such a transfer germany then asked to visit the fed vaults to make sure that the gold is actually there but the fed first refused to permit germany to exempt examine its own gold then the germans apparently assisted in the fed did open only one of nine rules but they were not permitted to either enter or touch the gold the german government has stored about half of its schools supply with the u.s. federal reserve so there are understandably nervous this makes not only germans nervous of course u.s. financial institutions have a history of selling things that don't exist one example last year goldman sachs were proven to have been selling gold certificates to the public saying that they
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were backed by real gold in their balls but the story leaked out that they'd fact held no gold at all and were doing the so-called fractional reserve gold banking on the basis that few people would want to claim their gold at any one time now we see many countries trying to maneuver away from the u.s. dollar is the main reserve currency and we see many central. increasing their own gold reserves and it seems that after all these years the world decided they put too much power in this one building. and over on our website r t dot com wife insurance for we can be the world's leading whistleblowing platform has released over four hundred gigabytes of highly sensitive data and encrypted form promising to release the key advantage thing happens to the websites key figures. also there and the wrong moves in the fukushima nuclear clean up good and in disaster on an apocalyptic scale according to one researcher for an in-depth look
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at the ad had to our website r t v dot com. the world a flood of championships are drawing to an end in moscow with dozens of nations having taken part russia tops the medals table followed by the u.s. and canada and there was much to be celebrated sports wise the spite the protests over russia's laws against the promotion of homosexuality to young people well let's now join our friends he was outside the luzhniki stadium hi there lindsey i believe there is a very festive atmosphere there so how is this event for the world's top athletes.
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at this point it's been a smooth ride indeed both for sportsmen and for spectators we've got nearly a thousand athletes converging on the very center of the russian capital a hailing from two hundred six countries thousands of people flooding into luzhniki stadium all week long to see these people really show their stuff they spend a huge portion of their lives. dedicated to preparing to events just like this and it was just an amazing thing to see now this is the first games that have been held out of doors and we have definitely lucked out with clear blue skies very little rain and warm temperatures all week long not despite the initial paul sort of cast over the games by by people disagreeing with some of the legislation to come out of the russian government recently about propaganda aimed at minors regarding nontraditional sexual relationships sports men have really come out and
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in a strong way and said let's keep the games about the games let's keep it about the athletes and let's keep the political agendas to the side and that's really been successful it's really shown that russia has the chops to host an event of this scale especially since we've got the saatchi winter olympics coming up in just a couple of months and then of course the world cup after that so it's been a wonderful thing to see. it up in around solution he has really been carried off very well the production has been has been great and not only that but the athletes have just been astounding to watch of course the world's fastest man hussein bolt recently winning all three of his of his of his sports sports categories here at luzhniki so it's just been a wonderful thing to see and it's been a great wrap up for the last day of these competitions well certainly it's been a great event as you said with top sporting stars participating in it right now
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there is a sara closing ceremony taking place so thank you so much for bringing us this on the from outside the stadium. right after the break we explore the plight of half a million people living in the shadow of a toxic dump in bangladesh distinctness. u.s. government project arrow marty has been in place for twenty years this project was designed to break the media monopoly of cuban television by putting u.s. government propaganda up to t.v. screens this injection of american t.v. works with a blimp and a c one thirty military plane working in tandem you know this would actually be a major achievement in the history of technology if it actually worked this program which over the years has built up a billion taxpayer dollars simply does not work but continues to exist despite the
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cuban government completely blocking the transmission the official logic of continuing the program is that it would send a bad message to the cuban government if they stopped brilliance and action but the big question is who gives the u.s. government the right to propagandize cuba is just because they have a different lifestyle doesn't mean it is wrong and the u.s. government does has the right to destroy it and even if cubans on mass actually do hate their system then it is their job to change cuba not the military industrial complex and its cronies in washington but that's just my opinion.


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